1. Nate Powell & Erin Tobey-- In Deed
    Nate Powell & Erin Tobey

  2. Universe-- Passenger

  3. Universe-- demo

  4. Divorce Chord-- First Fall (demo)
    Divorce Chord

  5. Divorce Chord-- Lose Your Illusion II CDR
    Divorce Chord

  6. Divorce Chord-- s/t CDR
    Divorce Chord

  7. Flaws-- Erect Nation LP

  8. WAIT-- Say It, Come True CD

  9. Mt. Gigantic-- Gleanings And Gatherings LP/CD
    Mt. Gigantic

  10. All The Days Are Numbered So-- comp CD

  11. Lovesick-- A Discography

  12. The Good Good-- The Haves And The Have Nots CDep
    The Good Good

  13. Callers-- s/t CDep

  14. The Good Good-- A Fem Era LP
    The Good Good

  15. Mt. Gigantic-- Old Smiler CD
    Mt. Gigantic

  16. Slang-- s/t CD

  17. Rainy Day Regatta-- Unreleased LP
    Rainy Day Regatta

  18. Soophie Nun Squad-- Passion Slays The Dragon
    Soophie Nun Squad

  19. Halo Perfecto-- Hospitals In Other Countries LP
    Halo Perfecto

  20. The Insides-- Endangered Young'uns CD
    The Insides

  21. Soophie Nun Squad/ Abe Froman-- split LP
    Soophie Nun Squad & Abe Froman

  22. The Good Good/ Cha Cha Cha-- split 12"
    The Good Good/ Cha Cha Cha

  23. Tem Eyos Ki-- LP (remixed/remastered)
    Tem Eyos Ki

  24. Abe Froman-- LP
    Abe Froman

  25. The Stranger Steals-- The Goals Of Misbehavior CD
    The Stranger Steals

  26. Tem Eyos Ki-- tour CDR
    Tem Eyos Ki

  27. Abe Froman-- "Baltimore Is Scum" 7"
    Abe Froman

  28. Boomfancy-- 7"

  29. Soophie Nun Squad-- The Devil, The Metal, The Big Booty Beats LP (FCH018)
    Soophie Nun Squad

  30. Tem Eyos Ki/ Hundred Years War-- split 7"
    Tem Eyos Ki & Hundred Years War

  31. Gioteens-- demo tape

  32. Tem Eyos Ki-- s/t 7"
    Tem Eyos Ki

  33. Rainy Day Regatta-- The Music Is On
    Rainy Day Regatta

  34. Red Forty-- discography CD
    Red Forty

  35. William Martyr 17-- The Celebration Of Forever
    William Martyr 17

  36. Soophie Nun Squad-- Don't Let Them Take You Alive
    Soophie Nun Squad

  37. "Heartbreakers & Rumpshakers" comp 7"

  38. Shake Ray Turbine-- The Sauce Of Solution
    Shake Ray Turbine

  39. Soophie Nun Squad-- Dino 7"
    Soophie Nun Squad

  40. The Dogtown Chronicles-- comp tape

  41. Soophie Nun Squad-- "vs. the USA" 7" + bonus
    Soophie Nun Squad

  42. K-- The Experience

  43. Soophie Nun Squad-- "We Rule The World" demo
    Soophie Nun Squad

  44. Soophie Nun Squad-- "With Raisins" unreleased jambox demo
    Soophie Nun Squad


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